Imagine an earth free of toxins, where everything is made purely of plants and human kind is coexisting with all species in a more harmonious and equitable way…

What would that world look like? How would we survive? And—more importantly—what essential items (literally the bare minimum) would you need to survive in this alternative universe, “Z”? 

Sometimes you have to break it down into a sort of hybrid-shopping-list, so here goes:

  • Nutrients (food; water)
  • Hygiene (tools; cleaning equipment; medicine) 
  • Shelter
  • Community (family; social support)

Imagine focusing on just these 4 areas — every single day — working to meet your needs and those of your family/community in the simplest, most caring, plant-based way possible for your body and the surrounding ecosystemz.

ECOSYSTEMZ (ECO Z) is an exercise in thinking outside our current assumptions—simple, radical, and discursive—not a dogmatic how-to for reducing your environmental impact… We welcome your thoughts and we look forward to exploring together! 


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