AGROINDUSTRIAL STUFF: we hate oil reliance and pollution—we don’t like how many big chemical and food producers treat human health in production, use and disposal—especially in their local environments. cheap GMO mono-crops; hidden animal ingredients; petrochemical-based cheap ingredients; toxic byproducts; belching factories… most importantly these products are not transparent. it is so hard to avoid them, but at least we can acknowledge when they can’t be avoided, and to look for those futuristic, forward-thinking alternatives.

EXOTIC ANYTHING: we can’t vouch for exotic ingredient ethics. even if fairly traded, the impact of corporate mono-crops on subsistence farmers can be catastrophic. we don’t like massive unnecessary carbon miles. we want to support local producers.

TRASH REDUCTION: both ingredients and their packaging create massive ecosystem problems—using oil as well as polluting our land and waterways. packaging and waste reduction is the hardest part and the core goal of what we do.

This is how we look for the right INGREDIENTZ (with a Z because, yes, we have unalterably changed our ecosystems) towards the NEW eco-modernist, eco-minimalist lifestyle.

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