Made in America?

Made in America?

Brooklynites and the urban-liberal-ilk are familiar with ‘locally made’ products. Makers fairs abound, and the latest one at Industry City ‘AF’ (American Field) turned out not to be American As Fuck (AF) but rather a typical shallow reading about what local means.

To the informed consumer, wearing mechanic’s overalls and bottling something made or grown entirely overseas does not make a product ‘American’—it’s more like ‘assembled in Brooklyn’.

The bravura of some of these producers, to expect the consumer to pay for a better ‘handmade’ product because it’s ‘made in Brooklyn’, when they won’t support truly ‘Merican growers producing raw, fruit-of-the-earth ingredients because they are too expensive or don’t meet the chic aesthetic just defies logic.

Do we need frankincense scented anything? Why would we buy a shirt sewn in Brooklyn but grown and woven in Japan? OMG and the attitude you get for asking where the ingredients actually come from! This info should be on every vendor’s stand in huge letters.

I’m calling this out as ‘flagwashing’. It’s just another way to confuse some and push others away, all by refusing to be transparent.

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